✩ Each NFT includes: 
⍟ Strain Specific detailed descriptions ⍟
⍟ Unique Properties for each NFT ⍟
⍟ Instant Rarity! No NFT will ever be minted twice ⍟
⍟ THC%, Terpenes, Flavor, Effects, and more!🥳🤯 ⍟


The Official Cannabis Collection’s Mission is to create a reservoir of unique, exquisitely detailed 1 of 1 Cannabis NFT artwork that any aspiring collector, seller, or enthusiast can appreciate and value. As the project grows, so will our advocacy and donations towards legalization of Cannabis in needed areas, Medical Cannabis research, and Mental Health Awareness. We will share Cannabis on the Ethereum blockchain, and Happiness and Support, in the material world. 

All sets (1 of 2 or 1 of 3) are different works of art from the same batch of Cannabis. This means you can collect more then one NFT from the same Crop of Marijuana!