• The CannaMan

I'm Going to Space.

"Okay, CannaMan. What do you even mean? I thought you were an Advocate for Mental Health, an Expert on Cannabis, and an #NFT Artist? What does Space even have to do with this?" Well it is simple really.

(This is an NFT. And you can actually purchase this at $25 USD Auction Reserve https://www.voice.com/creation/100000001237227) When I was young, I found a movie recorded on an old VHS tape. My parents had quite a few back then. Growing up, my Mom was very strict when it came to the movies, TV, and later videos games I was allowed access to. So typically, I was not allowed to look through most of the VHS tapes, and I ALWAYS had to get permission to watch one. This was one of those shining moments where I found a diamond in the rough, at a time when my Mom would have lost her mind over it. Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi I watched with eyes open wide and heart full of wonder, as the blasters fired away, and the swords made entirely of energy sliced through solid mettle as if it was butter! I saw epic planets, fantastic starships, incredible creatures of all shapes and sizes. This was one of the first moments when I realized that Anything is Possible. This movie solidified the idea that appearance does not matter. And that you can, and are, able to do ANYTHING you set your mind to. You only need to figure out how. So how does this take me to space?

(This is a preview of an upcomming NFT from the Nic's Life NFT Collection)

Look at the world we live in today. Look at the structure and performance of the existing NFT Communities. It is Art, Education, Experience, Growth, and most importantly, it is Change. The world is shifting. Generational trauma is falling off as younger parents are beginning to wake up. We are realizing that we have been living wrong for so many years, we forgot we can be different.

In only a matter of years, humanity will experience this shift on a global scale. One that every community will feel. We will find our lost connection with each other again. We will remember what we are just now re-learning in our Communities. I see it the most in the NFT Community itself. When we forget the "I" in ourselves, we remember that it was only ever a "we." And if We work together, We all succeed, We all thrive, and We all achieve our goals as one.

So yes, I will go to space one day. Many of us will. One day soon, we will wake up as One People. We will wake up from our long sleep, our gestational period, to a new awareness. One where we all understand that the separation of "I" does not exist. On that day, we move forward to explore not ourselves, but our worlds. The galaxy. And then the Universe. After all, why not? To experience the material world, is why we are alive. Will you go to Space? The CannaMan. Check out The CannaMan's newest 1 of 1 Collection on Voice! https://www.voice.com/nicphotography

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