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Roadmap 1.1

With the first two NFTs Minted, it is time to begin revising the Roadmap! This roadmap will resemble the growth of a new flower. Fitting for springtime where I live I suppose. We begin with realistic goals that are within easy reach, then grow rapidly into something much more then the little bud ever thought possible!

So without further ado, I present, Roadmap 1.1!


Phase 1 ✢ NFT 1-20+

Launch the initial collection of 20 Unique NFTs, aiming to sell 10 of the 20 NFTs. Once the first 20 NFTs have been minted, begin releasing NFT 21-50 increasing the total collection to 50. This release will be at a rate of 2-3 NFTs per week, after the 20th NFT Mints! While this phase is active, we will begin multiple campaigns promoting positive content across the web. Initially, we will share uplifting content with our Partner @WrittenByHumanity, then adding Charity Donations, and Advocation for subjects such as, but not limited to, #MentalHealthAwareness #MedicalCannabis #CannabisLegalization in regions where it is need, and much more!

Phase 2 ✢ NFT 50-100

Phase 3 ✢ NFT 100+

Phase 4 ✢ TBA


Our Mission is to create a reservoir of unique, exquisitely detailed 1 of 1 Cannabis NFT artwork that any aspiring collector, seller, or enthusiast can appreciate and value. As the project grows, so will our advocacy and donations towards #legalization of #Cannabis in needed areas, #MedicalCannabis research, and #MentalHealthAwareness. We will share Cannabis on the Ethereum blockchain, and Happiness and Support, in the material world. Follow us, Enjoy the positive content, and Grab and NFT, if you like!


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