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The CannaMan Needs Your Help

I am Nicolas Clifton, aka The CannaMan. And I curate the NFT Collective Club's #Spatial Gallery, as well as build and maintain our Discord Server. And I need your help. (Visit our NEW Lobby Room to view more info on myself, and my situation) https://spatial.io/s/The-NFT-Collective-Club-Spatial-Gallery-6281ff1313b8710001207091?share=411644464549174396

My family is working towards leaving a dysfunctional living situation, but things are moving to slow. Every day is a struggle for us. Living with severe Mental Health Conditions means there are special requirements for our environment and the people around us. Right now, we live with my father and brother-in-law. My father-in-law is the only stable person we have in our lives, which is fortunate. But my Fiancé's brother has done an incredible amount of damage emotionally not just to his own sister, but to myself and even our son. Our only option we have is to save up a safe amount of money, and find a stable way to move out to somewhere safe. With the physical and mental disabilities, finding a place that will work should take us months. But we do not have that amount of time.

(Photo is our 3 year old son named Jasper, playing at the beach)

I am not the type of person to beg, or plead. My pride often gets the better of me. But now is not that time. My Fiancé's mental health declines almost every day. If you can spare the Crypto, please consider supporting me through my collections, or by donating Crypto directly. Thank you.

https://commerce.coinbase.com/checkout/e3275f81-fafa-4b80-8fcf-8cf387a05ebd (Link provided if the button above is broken)

-OR- Purchase NFTs:

https://www.voice.com/nicphotography $25 USD Auction Reserve https://www.voice.com/thecannaman $4 USD Auction Reserve

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