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Only the Beginning of our NFT Projects, and Community Building Efforts

My name is Nicolas Clifton, though my friends call me Nic. In January of 2022, I took my first baby steps into the NFT community, having little to no knowledge before hand. I started in many groups on Facebook, purchasing some crypto, buying a few NFTs so that I could learn the process. After a short period of time, I quickly filtered my list of Facebook Groups down to one: The NFT Collaborators Group. By this point, I had made a few friends and many connections within the NFT space. I decided it was time to begin creating.

Cannabis NFT #20 Featuring Dinolotl

Having over 10 years experience with Photography, 5 of which were spent capturing images of Cannabis as a subject, creating The Official Cannabis Collection was a simple decision. This collection is the first of three NFT collections released to date, by The CannaMan. After the launch of The Official Cannabis Collection, a few weeks passed. One or two sales trickled in, but that was okay. At the time, I was focused heavily on building a website, and establishing myself across multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and a Facebook Page for myself as an artist. While building my following, I had two major events happen. First, I realized that across many social media platforms "cannabis" is like a red flag to the platform. Instagram sent me a notification that they were about to delete my account because of the Cannabis theme. Twitter "seems to" implement what some refer to as a "shadow ban" on my account. These things made sharing my artwork difficult, and building a following near impossible. The second thing that happened, was the formation of The NFT Collective Club.

The Beginning of NFT Collective Club

While working on branding myself, I encountered another artist, the creator of the #Dinolotl NFT collection. He contacted me via DM with an idea to create a community for NFT artists. He informed me there was one other artist who shared interest in the idea. So, the artists behind #Dinolotl, #AlienActivist, and myself joined together and began forming the #NFTCollectiveClub. Since then, we have had a time to establish a Discord server, VR Gallery for our members, Twitter Raid groups, and much much more.

The NFT Collective Clubs Mission Statement: Created By Artists, For Artists. The NFT Collective Club's mission is to create a strong and supportive community in which all artists and collectors are welcome to join in and learn, share their work, ask questions, find collaboration, and teach one another. The support we provide is through education on many subjects ranging from setting up multiple wallets, to how to pimp out your social media presence. Within our community we provide many resources for all members, this is to be a resource for anyone! If you chose to purchase a Dinolotl, an Alien Activist, or an NFT from Myself (The CannaMan), we will provide advanced training, 1 on 1 workshops, full social media review and boost, and more! (All you need is One NFT from any of us!) When you purchase our NFTs, you become part of our Mission. We then invest back into our community, giving new collections their first sale, boosting other collections that are rising in our community, and encouraging artists in general!

Welcome to the future of NFT Communities

This is only the beginning of The CannaMan and the NFT Collective Club. After many years of struggling, I have finally stepped into the world of art, in order to support my family. Within a few months, I have made many friends, valuable connections, and have helped co create one of the greatest assets to any NFT artist: The NFT Collective Club.

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