Saving Lives one NFT at a Time.

Even after the situation ends, the Trauma left on the people of Ukraine will remain for many years. And for some families, they will be affected for generations. Displacement, Loss of basic human essentials, Loss of basic human securities. Trauma. This is their Fate. But it doesn't have to be for long. Politicians debate as they should, but while they wait, we can act. We are Human. That is all that matters.

Every NFT Sold Donates a portion of sales to help save lives

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The Only Requirement is that you are donating a portion of your sales for the listed Item(s) to support Ukraine and the people there.

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☆ 100% Donated! ☆

Only 100 of these President Volodymyr Zelenskyy NFTs will be available, with 100% of the profits going to humanitarian aid for Ukraine. Original art by Vin Yamazaki. Curated and refined by the NiFTy Studios team.


☆ Donating to Dog Shelter Chererino! 

#PeaceInUkraine Every purchase of this NFT supports and contribute to the animal shelter: Dog Shelter Chererino aiding people and pets on the Ukraine conflict. Make their barks hear, spread the love and join the family! 🐶🐱♥

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☆ 100% Donated to Redcross and Nova Ukraine! 

Ukraine Edition Dinolotl # 1 | 100% of this sale will be donated to the families affected by the war in Ukraine. Together we can make a difference. Donation will be given to Redcross and Nova Ukraine via paypal.


☆ 100% of sales Donated! 

100% of all sales from this listing will be going towards helping people in Ukraine affected by this occupation. Will be donating to this charity - Proof of payment will be minted as an NFT on Voice.

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☆ "We send 50% of the money we earn from our NFT Collection to Ukraine for support and rebuild. Donation goes to" 

With 0.01 ETH floor price, these Dragon eggs rendered in blender presents collectable of 1000 pieces. With each egg you get 3D blender file of the egg with all the modifications. Each piece is Unique and made by RektifierNG.

Collect your Treasure of a Dragon Today!


☆ 100% Donated ☆ to

☞ Politicians wait and debate. Humans act! ☜
Together, the NFT community can help the people of Ukraine!

This NFT Features 3 of our favorite strains. Jack Herer, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Apple Fritter! With Large buds for your viewing pleasure, a glorious flowing layer of ground cannabis for some freshness, and a sandy Keif section, you can spend hours getting lost in this Meditative Zen Garden!

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Zombie Russian Soldiers Club

“Just put a sunflower seeds in your pockets because you are going to die here!”

These were the words which one Ukrainian Woman said to the fully armed Russian soldiers. This NFT collection is dedicated to her and all the other unknown Ukrainian heroes! This is collab with Van Sage & Zuba! The collection is minted on Polygon, because all the funds without gas fees is going to be sent to Ukraine and Ukrainian people to win this BLOODY WAR against Russia. The more sales we get, the less zombier the soldiers will become. Make donations by purchasing our NFTs and spread the words by making them as PFP. The Russian aggression must be stopped!