Wall Sketching


Promoting the greatness of Humanity.

@WrittenbyHumanity is a small, non profit organization with big dreams. 

When it comes to life, we all struggle. Some more then others, and some never understand why. Through all of this, there are some fundamental truths that anyone can understand when they come face to face with them. One of them is this:

When you do what you love most in life, others will love you for it. If you focus all of your energy into what you really love in life, you will find a joy and happiness that others can plainly see. This is why we love to see others do amazing and spectacular things. 

The mission of Written by Humanity, is to share uplifting and inspirational content, as well as to teach how easy happiness can be found. They delve into subjects that range from the Meaning of Life to the little jokes along the way.

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